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Time Management Tips Ebook | Get 100%

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How to Get a 100% and Enjoy Life is a powerful time management ebook that you must read

Time management tips EbookWhat you will learn:

Time management tips

• All the necessary tools that you will need when YOU ARE preparing

FOR your exams.

• Without compromising the time you spend on the things that make

your life enjoyable and worth living for.

Why you need to read this book

Your Teachers don’t have the time to SHOW you how to study

I guess you have all heard this stuff before I know when I was at school my

teachers kept on harping on– “go and study put in the work and you will get the


However there was one thing missing when it came to what they were saying;

-they didn’t spend the time with me or for that matter with any of the other

students on teaching us how to study, not because they didn’t want to but because they didn’t have the time;

there was too much work to get through in the curriculum and so little time. I guess

they just didn’t have the time to teach us all the necessary time management

tips that would make our learning not only more effective and efficient. This would have  taken some of the time

pressure away that we were all  feeling; there was so much pressure and so little time to make it all happen in.

So that’s exactly what they did; they got through the work, day in, day out they

kept on throwing as much information as they could at us; it seemed like we had

little or no chance of ever getting through it all before the exam; let alone being

able to reproduce it under the stressful examination conditions in the final exam

and getting a perfect score seemed impossible as a result.

How was I going to gain entry into my chosen job?

The wake up call; failing my first exam

Failing my first chemistry exam was my wake up call; I came close to calling it a

day and going into the family business; however I couldn’t see my self pressing

hamburgers and selling fast food for the rest of my life, it wasn’t my dream,

frankly it wasn’t me.

So I had to do something to change things when it came to study and how I was

to prepare for my exams.

You don’t need to know a 100% of everything to get a 100%

My chemistry teacher told me you don’t need to know a 100 percent of

everything to get a 100 percent in your exams you just need good examination


“…You know preparing for your examinations is like a race;  you need to know your

race tract, the conditions of the tract and you have to develop your own technique

keeping in mind the result and goal that you want at the finish line. And you have

to dedicate the time to make it happen,  Remember no one is going to do it for you.”

He hit a cord; it was my race and I had to dedicate my time to making it happen.

Not Just Time management tips:

What you will learn when you read How to Get a 100% and Enjoy Life

Fulfilling your potential; begins by setting your goals

I started to do my research.

Medicine needed a score of 99 .99 out of a hundred the top half a percent, a near

perfect score. At first it seemed a monumental task, how was I going to do it.

I realized that my vocation and the job market was a very competitive place,

things are no better today, the competition is fierce and if you want to get into

your chosen vocation you need to do the work;

Hard Work Alone is not enough

However hard work alone won’t cut it. You need more -you need to know how to

do it.

Knowing why and how to do it

Once you know why you need to study then it becomes personal; -studying is

very personal. First you must set your goals the reason why you are going to put

in the hard yards and then you must put the in time to make it happen.

Time management tips

We have so many distractions as students; just look at the rang of things which will take up our time; from face book

iphones, instagram, hobbies, sporting activities, family and friends, to those

unexpected distractions; boys, illness, and stress. all of these may take us away from the most important thing our study and our success.

So you need to make enough time for every aspect of your life; it’s important that your time

management plan  takes into account all of the things you want and need to do

in a day.

Most of all Your time management plan must work for you

You must control your time, time must not control you; my time management tip

is to develop a time management plan that works for you, only then will you  achieve

all that  you want; Time management is the key ingredient when it comes to studying and enjoying your life.

 You will be given seven time management tips that will help

you to organize your time effectively so that you not only study effectively but

you live and enjoy your life to the fullest.

The 3R’S

After setting your goals and your time management plan you will be taught the

3 R’S When it comes to studying effectively.

When you have studied all of the information you will need to pass then the most

important thing is to remember it all and be able to put it down on paper under


Remembering your work

This book will show you specific memory techniques to make this possible. Because what

you have learnt must be put into action. Your knowledge has an application and

an action to getting you where you want to get to in this life.

Stress can be used to your advantage

You will be taught how to use your stress in a positive way, thereby harnessing

all of your potential energy and focusing it into your goals and aspirations.

The final stage: the Exam

In the book how to approach the exam itself is discussed in full with a

breakdown in time allocation and specific techniques for answering the

questions for maximum marks.

In closing I will leave you with a review from a reader that has read and

put into practice all my time management tips and strategies in “How to get a 100

percent and enjoy life.”

“An absolute must-read for any student who is serious about their

career!, This long-overdue guide for students is a very engaging and truly

well-written piece, that students facing an array of challenges will benefit

from. A highly recommendable read. Kudos to the author!”

July 4, 2013

Reviews Written by

Sergio D. Mobilia “Serg” (Storrs, CT USA)

Go for it, buy this time management tips ebook and get ready for your greatest  results : “How to get a 100% and Enjoy life” 

Time Management Tips Ebook | Get 100% Reviewed by on . How to Get a 100% and Enjoy Life is a powerful time management ebook that you must read What you will learn: • Time management tips • All the necessary tools th How to Get a 100% and Enjoy Life is a powerful time management ebook that you must read What you will learn: • Time management tips • All the necessary tools th Rating: 0

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