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Dear Themi,

On behalf of Avalon JRLFC I would like to extend my profound thanks for your program “It Only Takes 3 minutes”.  As we discussed, drugs and alcohol is a major problem amongst our teenage population and if your program only saves one of their lives it was well worth it.

The content, pictures and real life scenarios that you used left a real impact on the kids and that, unfortunately, is what is necessary to get the message through to them. From what I’m hearing some of the adults are also taking along hard look at their own choices in life.

I have received so much positive feedback from both parents and children who attended and have received several phone calls and emails from surrounding organisations and schools enquiring into the possibility of securing your services. Manly Warringah Junior Rugby Leagues Club is also looking into the possibility of using your program to educate the wider football community.

Congratulations on such a successful evening and thank you again.

Lisa Matthews, Director Avalon JRLFC


Dear Peter,

On the 23rd of May Avalon Bulldogs held a Drug and Alcohol awareness evening for our local community. The evening was attended by members of surrounding sports organisations such as Avalon Soccer  club, Avalon surf Lifesaving club and Newport rugby club. Also in attendance where teachers  from both Avalon primary school and Barrenjoey High school.  This is the first time a sporting organisation has embraced this kind of initiative in the Avalon area.

The aim of the evening was very simple:

To give teens a full understanding of real life situations they may be faced with and how to deal with them in a practical sense. To teach our teens how to be street smart so they are able to recognise when their friends need help and to be able to offer the most appropriate course of action to them in a variety of scenarios which may include; Alcohol poisoning, drink spiking, drugs that have been cut with impurities that can produce devastating and life threatening consequences.

Also the evening highlighted the risk taking behaviours that results under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination of the two, such as unprotected intercourse and its acute and chronic consequences of unwanted pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases that can affect our teens for a life time.The evening also reinforced the responsibility that mates should have for each other and mobilises this force so that each and every teen in attendance is empowered with the knowledge and the courage to act should they ever find themselves in a crisis situation.

Despite the drug awareness education currently available within the higher education system, one of the major causes of almost 400 deaths a year (more than one a day) is experimentation with illicit-drugs and the overconsumption of alcohol.

The Avalon club house was full to capacity and we were left with people standing in the door ways. The evening was a huge success and the feedback from parents and kids was extremely positive. I have since had inquires from other organisations into the hiring of our clubhouse and contact details for Dr.Themi Garagounis whom delivered the program “It only Takes Three Minutes”.  The total cost of the evening was covered by the club and was simply money well spent. Not only has this promoted our club but it has showed the community that Avalon Bulldogs stands by its motto :  “Our club our kids”

Kind Regards ,  Lisa Matthews, Director, Avalon Bulldogs


Dr Themi was a regular on my 2GB program, his information is current precise thought provoking and preventative for the human condition.

Andrew Howard 2GB


Dr Themi Garagounis delivered a very power packed sizzling work shop on keeping your man alive and virile and having fun doing it.

“It’s not too often that a two hour seminar whizzes by in five seconds, the audience was totally enraptured with the hard-hitting facts and which was tinged with sparks of humour. The subject matter while presented in a light  hearted manner was relevant to all men and women over the age of 40”

Annette Bagot  WMC Pty Ltd


“My staff and management were all unanimous in their praise for the series presented, in particular they appreciated the aspects of dealing with conflict resolution, as negotiation and conciliation skills are particularly valuable in this industry.”

Mario Carpanna,  Feros Rile and Associates Pty Ltd


“There has been much comment and feedback and the techniques you suggested for handling conflict and indeed the practical tools you gave the staff have been seen to be effective and in daily use.”

Montana Design Pty Ltd

“On behalf of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, I would like to thank you for your informative and entertaining talk on the male menopause. Your informative seminar was an insightful perspective of male health which evoked open discussion and actual outcomes for our audience, the seminar was both enjoyable and successful.”

Tin Holmes Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd

“We were certainly given something to think about for our future well being as males- the male menopause”

David Watkins President, Rotary Club Narrabeen Lakes Inc NSW

The highlight of the evening was when one parent came over and thanked me for asking you to provide the drugs and our children seminar by saying, “ you probably saved a life tonight!”

Louise Manton, Personal Development Committee Sacred heart school Mona Vale




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