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Dr Themi Garagounis is a powerful life-changing motivational speaker and doctor.      He changes lives by motivating you to take decisive action. His approach is powerful direct and motivational he will propel you into action.


3 Minutes – all it takes to save your mate 

3 Minutes  is an interactive, eye-opening drug education seminar directed at teenagers in years 10-12.

Presented by Dr Themi Garagounis, this seminar aims to educate teens in dealing with life-or-death crisis situations and looking for signs that their friends need help.  

Teenagers will learn what to do in a drug overdose emergency

Through a hard-hitting information-packed drug education seminar, Themi will educate teens on the most common issues that arise when people have overindulged or mixed illicit drugs and/or dangerous substances, and what to do when something goes wrong.

One of the most common causes of death or drug coma is due to substance abuse is that those who are with the person suffering don’t know what emergency action to take.

Recognising when friends are taking drugs and what to do about it

Themi will also deal with the subject of recognising when friends are taking drugs and what to do about it. Through a practical discussion of signs and symptoms teenagers will learn how to detect tell-tale drug abuse behaviour and how to intervene or just be a good listener and friend.

Often in situations where drugs are starting to take over a young person’s life, they won’t seek help.  Just by being able to recognise the signs in their friends, teens can help steer them back to a healthy, happy and long life.

Over 22 years’ experience helping people cope with the side effects of drug use

Themi has over 22 years’ experience in helping families and individuals cope with the side effects of casual and habitual drug and alcohol use, and has made it one of his goals to create a real difference through widespread awareness and knowledge.

Seminar outcomes

Through a combination of practical advice and education, along with case-study and real-life situations, teens will leave this drug education seminar with scientific knowledge that could help them save a life and information to help strengthen their friendship bonds.

The most important question that teens will take away with them is to ask

“Are You OK?”


Why work life balance makes a difference to getting the most out of your team

The new workplace no longer centres around the office.  It involves a whole lot more;  from the blackberry, the smart phone, the e-mails, the internet, the social media presence, the business connection sites, Skype, the real time conference calls, all of which have brought a new dimension to what the workplace entails.

All team members are now expected to not only be accomplished in these new technologies, but also to have the extra time to manage them efficiently.

The added demand of meeting performance targets and deadlines which are even more important in the small global community that has resulted and the ever shrinking client base, has meant we are all competing for the same client base.

So what will differentiate you and your company from the rest of the crowd?

Sadly for many of our employees and team members all of these technological advances which were once touted as time savers and were meant to increase the time available to spend with their family and on getting a life separate to work; have in fact meant a shortening in the time we can afford to spend doing the things that bring work life balance and harmony to our lives and ultimately make all of us more productive in the work place.

So if you want to make a difference to your team and be a force to reckon with when it comes to outperforming your competitors, then you must develop a work / life balance strategy for your team and that is where Dr Themi can help your organisation.

With 22 years experience in medical practice, stress management and preventative health, he is well placed to tailor a program to bring back the work / life balance and prevent the sequelae of ill health (in physical, mental and spiritual health) that will result in your employees or team if you take no action.

If they are not at their peak physically mentally and spiritually, then how can you get the most out of them and meet your business growth and success expectations?  You just can’t expect it or even achieve it without the right balance between work and life.


Resolving Conflict and Stress Management Techniques

Learn the art of directed conflict and resolution techniques to gain the change in others. Dr Themi shares his stress management techniques for maximum performance. Use your stress to your advantage.  An excellent seminar for your employees and management teams.


The Mani-Pause: Why Men No Longer Hunt

An explicit look at the male hormonal journey, their anatomical changes that they experience but without any real understanding of what is happening to them.

Entertaining, provocative, heart breaking, but overall enlightening.

Dr Themi gives all that attend his hormones and behavioural seminars a powerful awareness and a solution into male communication and brain restructuring. You can awaken ‘him’ into activity and action once again.


Who I Am After Children

A true understanding of the life forces that influence women to seek change at this crucial time in their lives.

Being a mother, having a perfect family, and having a loving husband are not enough to fulfil most women.

This seminar explores the powerful forces that are in play within the female brain that produce, at times, dramatic changes in their personal and family lives.

With over 50 percent of divorces being instigated by the females, there must be an internal conflict at conflict that leads to this.

This seminar explores the life and hormonal changes in play that propel mothers to forget their children and their husbands. They no longer have the want or the capacity to nurture their children and their men.

They need to rediscover who they are and what they are here for.  Every one of us has a purpose but sometimes identifying that purpose may be the most difficult first step into its realisation.

Doctor Themi Garagounis explores the hormonal and behavioural changes that take place in females through their life’s journey enlightening them to the special place they have and must have in this world.

Through his provocative approach he awakens the life force of purpose. By a thought provoking three step process that unavoidably forces all to taking purposeful action into making their dreams a reality.

“To become the best you can be.”



How to Get a 100 Percent and Enjoy Life

Empowering and motivating students into realising their career aspirations through goal setting, study techniques, stress management and how to perform at your highest levels in your school examinations.

Thought provoking goal setting, study skills, exam techniques and time management skills are not only explored but are taught to the students.

Knowledge is powerful but only if it has a purpose and an action in real world. For knowledge with no purpose or application has no place in any ones brain.


Why Children Take Drugs and Why Their Parents Don’t Know

Dr Themi Garagounis explores the reasons why children take drugs, this workshop provides a first hand look at the long term and devastating effects of drug addiction on the developing child’s mind and body. It explores drugs their effects short term and long term and the consequences of addiction, dependency and biological disasters like meltdown and subsequent limb destruction with the use of ecstasy and ice and other dangerous drugs.

Recognising the basic signs and signals of a drug affected child or teenager  is of paramount importance to being able to wage the war against drugs within our community and within our own families.


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