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how-to-study-handbookHow to Get a 100% and Enjoy Life – The How to study handbook

Most students are told by their teachers and parents to go and study but are never taught how too. They are expected to just know how too.

This book provides the student with a step-by-step workable blueprint for achieving success; to obtaining the career and the lifestyle that they deserve.

Having a winning edge is important

With an education system that is facing increasing pressure and often stretched beyond its limits and the fierce competition in getting a place at university or in the career that you want, having a winning edge is not only important,but essential.

That’s what the knowledge contained in this book will give you, a winning edge to succeed.

The book empowers and motivates the student into realising that their career and aspirations can be achieved through goal setting and study techniques that work and can produce the highest results in their examinations.

The most precious commodity for any student is time and this book provides them with a workable and realistic time management plan.


“..time management is not some scheme through which time controls you;  it is a method through which you control your time..”


This how to study handbook is essential for any high school student and anyone else that needs a workable and realistic blue print on how to study for success.







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