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About Themi

Themi is a motivational speaker and media Doctor who encourages you to reach your full potential



Dr. Themi Garagounis

When it comes to people Themi is a public speaker who knows what moves them into taking action.  He has the ability to identify the real problems that men and women face in their relationships and marriages, and gives them the ways to remove the barriers that often stop them from taking active steps in resolving the conflict in the partnership.

Dr Themi has years of expertise in understanding the reasons and causes of divorce, separation, conflict and relationship problems, enabling him to assist couples in putting a stop to their divorce and thereby save their marriage and relationship.

He has the ability to make parents sit up and take notice of their children’s needs, study requirements, potential drug problems and see the warning signs of things going wrong.  He can remove the feeling of helplessness faced by many parents when steering their teenagers towards adulthood.  He has the unique ability of being an adult who can talk to young people and connect with them in a way that makes them believe they have the ability to achieve their life goals and good school results, no matter how ambitious they seem.

Dr Themi is a visionary who has the ability to create and save relationships of every aspect and dimension.

Dr Themi, graduated from the University of NSW School of Medicine in 1989.  He soon found himself as the youngest Neurosurgical trainee in Australia and it was during this time that he discovered that the male and female brains were completely different in their structure and hardwiring. His intricate understanding of these hardwiring differences between the sexes has given him a truly new understanding and perspective on how men and women respond and interact with each other during their life’s journey.

He later went on to study nutritional, environmental medicine, phyto-naturopathic medicine, and anti-ageing hormonal medicine.

It was not until he undertook studies and research in anti-ageing hormonal medicine that he finally appreciated how important hormonal flux and balance was to both of the sexes and their ability to form, maintain and nurture their relationships.


Solving Relationship Problems

Dr Themi’s experience as a relationship doctor makes him well placed not only to offer knowledge, but true and effective solutions to relationships that may be floundering under the new pressures of increased working hours, the need for both parents to work to achieve their goals and the removal of the family support network in many cases.

After twenty years working in medical practice, he has a wealth of experience placing him in a position to truly understand you and your relationship problems and to help you achieve a life work balance.

Many individuals have noted that he understands them better than their own partners and many have been heard to say:

“You see!  He understands me yet he has just met me for a second!”

That is the power with which Dr Themi  engages his audience.  He not only understands what his audience wants and needs to hear, he provides all those who attend his powerful seminars with an active tool kit that can be put into action.

He gives workable options rather than the rhetoric that most seminars offer.  He provides his audience with relationship solutions that will strengthen, protect and save their relationships.


An educator of our young – drug education, drug information and study skills

Dr Themi is not only committed to solving relationship problems, he has a keen interest in protecting the integrity of the family unit.

Over the last twenty years he has developed a powerful and hard-hitting program in drug education called ‘3 Minutes’.  Illicit drug, substance abuse and alcohol use amongst our children is a growing problem.  Dr Themi has struck the first blow in the war against drugs and their use in our community with a hard hitting and in-your-face approach type seminar/workshop in drug education and drug information.

Many children and teenagers have been so moved by his motivational talks that he may have saved their lives.

It is not uncommon for the good doctor to be approached by young people who have attended his drug seminars while he is out and about with his own family. In one instance a young girl came up to him embraced him and whispered into his ear:

“You saved my life that day at St Rose.”

He has a keen interest in helping our children achieve their dreams and has developed educational workshops on time management, stress management, effective study skills and exam techniques. It is through specific and powerfully focused techniques, taught via his school drug seminars, that students develop and achieve their best in their academic endeavours and their future dreams.


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