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3 Minutes


3 Minutes is an interactive, eye-opening drug education seminar directed at teenagers in years 10-12.

Presented by larger-than-life keynote speaker, author, blogger and GP, Dr Themi (Themi Garagounis), this seminar aims to educate teens in dealing with life-or-death drug and substance abuse crisis situations and looking for signs that their friends need help.

Dr Themi has over 22 years’ experience in helping families and individuals cope with the side effects of casual and habitual drug and alcohol use, and has made it one of his goals to create a real difference through widespread drug awareness, knowledge and drug emergency response procedures.



What teenagers will learn

Through a hard-hitting information-packed drug seminar, Dr Themi will educate teenagers on the most common issues that arise when people have overindulged or mixed illicit substances, and what to do when something goes wrong.

One of the most common causes of death due to substance abuse is that those who are with the person suffering don’t know what drug emergency action to take. In Australia we have an ambulance service that is second-to-none.

The time between emergency call and ambulance arrival is one of the shortest in the world, on average between 10-15 minutes.  But, what happens in that 15 minutes could be the difference between a journey to Emergency, death from drug overdoes or being listed as DOA or in a drug coma.


Recognising when friends are taking drugs and what to do about it

During the 3 Minutes Seminar, Themi will also deal with the subject of recognising when friends are taking drugs and what to do about it. Through a practical discussion of signs and symptoms, teens will learn how to detect tell-tale drug taking behaviour and how to intervene or just be a good listener or friend. Often in situations where drugs are starting to take over a young person’s life, they won’t seek help. Just by being able to recognise the drug abuse signs in their friends, teenagers can help steer them back to a healthy, happy and long life.


Dr Themi’s goals and thoughts

“I have seen day in and day out, the problems teens encounter when it comes to drugs through my medical practice” says Doctor TG.

“One of the main themes coming out in the media, both here and overseas at the moment, is that the thing that’s having the most effect on drug related deaths is the lack of action, or bystanders being indecisive and acting too late to do something to help.”

“My main aim is to try and give our youth the take-away concept of at the very least, calling 000 and staying until help arrives, as soon as you recognise that something is wrong.

In a recent study, 1 in 4 teenagers admitted to taking drugs which means that 3 out of 4 are not.

Themi wants to capitalise on the fact there is a community of non drug takers, he wants to mobilise them and encourage positive peer pressure to ensure the youth of today live long, happy and healthy lives.


Seminar Outcomes

Through a combination of practical advice and education, along with case-study and real-life situations, teens will leave this drug education and information seminar with scientific knowledge that could help them save a life and information to help strengthen their friendship bonds.

The most important question that teens will take away with them is to ask “Are You OK?


FREE Downloads

Click here to download the information on ‘Crisis Intervention’ – recognising and helping a friend in need.

Click here to download the information on ‘Recognising the Signs’ – recognising the signs of drug use.




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  • Username*

    I wish you every success. In Sept 2012 my 24 year old son died due to combination of drugs and alcohol. 10 months later, July 2013, Ì found his older brother deceased from the same combination. Cannot even begin to express my pain and heart ache

    • admin

      You are a special person who has the courage to share such heart wrenching pain that is associated with the loss of your children. This is why I took up the quest to educate our young and their parents about illicit drugs and alcohol.
      It destroys lives and families.
      It’s time that we stop this loss of life.
      Our children are too precious and have so much to offer.
      I thank you for sharing your story with us all.

  • Svryan

    Thankyou for trying to educate today’s teens to the truth of drug use. How horrid, lethal and heartbreaking they can be. I soul love to attend your seminar myself. As a mother of two boys, not quite at the teen age I already worry what the future brings and how best to be open and educate them. We need more people like you helping us parents. Bless you…

  • suzyd

    I hope your seminars can help save lives. I lost my 24 year old son in September 2012 after taking Ecstasy but known as the Party Drug and according to the coroners report it was mixed with various other drugs ie: PMA, which was the fatal dose, MDMA, etc etc… Even as recent as yesterday, I still cry, I still carry the guilt, my younger son suffers because I can’t move on from my son’s death and 11 weeks after my son passed, my father died from a massive heart attack. This put the icing on the cake with my depression. I wanted to educate students about the use and abuse of illicit drugs but I can’t get my head around it. I wish you all the best. Heartbroken.

    • admin

      Dear Heartbroken,
      I cant imagine the pain that you are going through from such a great loss.
      I thank you for sharing your story.
      By doing so you have made a positive step in allowing our young to see the devastating effects that illicit drugs have on our families and friends.
      Thank you.

  • Username*

    Thank you for your informative seminar this evening as a realist and a parent these drugs are everywhere and we need to educate the community and our children…your houndstooth no bull shit approach is the way…
    Keep up your good work doc.
    Best wishes and thamkyou ..

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