Sunday , 17 December 2017

100% Percent | Study Skills Seminar


 Study Skills Seminar

100% and Enjoy Life is a 1 hour Study Skills Seminar that is equipping the youth of today with the necessary skills to achieve their dreams.

A 45 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of Q&A time, Dr Themi provides students with the necessary blueprint to achieving results that ultimately help shape their future.  

A graduate of Narrabeen High in 1983 Dr Themi inspires with his life changing story of transforming from a youth struggling to read in Year 9 into a successful Medical School Graduate, Doctor, Author and now his much love role of Youth Educator.

Students will leave the seminar feeling motivated, driven and with clarity on HOW to actually achieve 100% and obtain the lifestyle that they desire.  

A must for all School and University students.

This is a proven method used by Dr Themi throughout his adolescence that trasformed him from a year 9 student unable to read into a Medical Student, University Degree holder and now a successful Doctor, Author and Youth Educator.

 This is a Study Skill Seminar not to be missed!

Contact Dr Themi to make a booking or receive the Seminar Kit.





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